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Clean for Green started in the summer of 2012. The goal of Clean for Green was to give the Far Eastside youth an opportunity to make money during the summer months. Recognizing the large amount of debris and trash in the community, the Far Eastside Action Coalition (FEAC) engaged young people ages 14-18 to clean up trash in our community and be paid to do so. Churches engaged in FEAC provided volunteers to work with the youth as supervisors and mentors. In 2012, 167 youth were hired and $4,175 were paid out in youth stipends. Youth were also provided breakfast and lunch on the days worked.
Far Eastside Action Coalition expanded the program in 2013. Keeping the basic tenants of the program the same, the program was expanded throughout the city. FEAC engaged churches and community centers on the north, west and east side of Indianapolis.
Clean For Green will have positive outcomes for the entire community. Outcomes for the program include: 1) Youth will be engaged in positive activities as well as engaged with mentors providing life skills and spiritual formation. 2) Youth will work for cash which prevents them from seeking cash in negative ways. 3) The dollars youth receive will most likely be spent in their neighborhoods providing economic development boost to the community. 4) Youth will get exercise by walking and cleaning in their community. They also will be provided a healthy breakfast and lunch. 5) The community will be cleaned up in the process.

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