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CLEAN FOR GREEN is a program assisting youth in making cash while celebrating the community they live in with clean up efforts.

CLEAN FOR GREEN is an opportunity for community stake holders to be involved in the enhancement of youth by becoming partners. We invite businesses, organizations, churches and educational institutions to join us.

Bringing the community together in this endeavor will strengthen partnerships between organizations and our residents.

Last summer, we had much success with CLEAN FOR GREEN but were limited in the number of youth we could reach due to limited funding. We are seeking community sponsors to help fund the costs associated with this program.

Community Business Partner Sponsor levels:

* Gold    $5,000

* Siver    $ 2,500

* Bronze $ 1,000

  $ 500 (Includes Not-for-Profit)


Community Neighbor Sponsor Levels:

If you are not a business owner but would still like to help, consider giving based on the number of youth you would like to sponsor.

$540 Employs 1 youth for 6 weeks

$270 Employs 1 youth for 3 weeks

$45   Employs 1youth per day

Any amount is appreciated

 Sponsors will be highlighted in CLEAN FOR GREEN’s communications.

This is a great investment for sponsor to have the opportunity to reach hundreds of people in our community for one cause.Your support would be greatly appreciated and so meaningful to our COMMUNITY! Thank you for your consideration.




Make Checks Payable to:

Clean For Green

Mail to: 10512 East 38th Street

Indianapolis In 46235



 (317) 665-8659
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